About us

We believe that our technology can universally change the way in which financial services are distributed and accessed by the new digital economy

RedCloud is a leading technology firm based in London, UK. With regional offices across Africa, Latin America, and Southeast Asia, we provide banks, corporates, and governments in emerging markets with an innovative new technology platform. Founded in 2012, we are renowned for our involvement in M-PESA, the world’s most successful mobile money service delivering thousands of transactions daily.

Why we exist

The future is digital relevance. The future is brand experience shaped by technology. The future is a connected marketplace. Where a configurable technology platform can be easily integrated with existing core systems. Allowing you to deliver what your customers expect.

We are transforming the marketplace environment, helping provide a frictionless experience – for banks, retail, financial services, government, or indeed anyone in the new digital economy. Our open API means we can connect with you. Our platform means that you can connect with your customers to offer an entirely new range of services and the experience that the present and future demand.

The best of both worlds has arrived. For an open marketplace, powered by one platform.

RedCloud One: Configurability by Design

Our open architecture and mobile technology platform provides best-of-breed solutions delivering new profitability streams to our customers with interoperability at its best. Designed to deliver fast and easy deployment of leading mobile solutions, companies can maximise existing technology investments and better support their mobile customer needs.

For more information about our configurable platform that offers low risk, fast results and new revenue streams for increased banking profitability, click here.