Offering alternative credit scoring to fight today’s non-inclusive system where electronic payments are expensive and financial services inaccessible for cash-reliant users. Allowing financial services to be offered an accessed via a single marketplace.

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Credit scoring

Accurate credit history and scoring built for RedCloud users, based on recorded transaction history and profile 

No need for a bank account 

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Access to financial services

RedCloud users access credit and insurance via the marketplace

Financial institutions offer Supply Chain Finance via the RedCloud marketplace 

Instalment reminders are sent via message notifications

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Offering payment facilities

Businesses offer lines of credit to their customers

Banks offer credit  to their customers via the RedCloud marketplace

Credit is based on accurate credit scoring 

Example Use case

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With newly acquired credit history on the RedCloud marketplace, merchants access quick credit and insurance to foster business expansion and increased cash flows to pay their suppliers. Payment of credit instalments is made digitally from their RedCloud account.