Automating operational processes drives efficiency and reduces costs throughout the supply chain. Use open API integration to manage payments, ordering, stock, delivery and invoicing in one, singular platform.

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Constantly evolving platform

Integrate with external systems for Enterprise Resource Planning, ordering and stock management, delivery tracking and Customer Relationship Management

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Smart Integration Module

Integrate with RedCloud’s Smart Integration Module

Access Open APIs through RedCloud’s developer portal

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Order management

Create, modify, and cancel orders, even after submission

Receive and approve orders

Example Use Case

Nicolas has integrated the ERP from his bottling company to RedCloud’s open API platform, which allows him to receive, amend, and accept orders from his customers directly on the web portal
All approvals are communicated automatically to his customers
Through the portal, he accesses a unified display of all his orders and their related fulfillment, invoice and payment statuses
Chisom uses her Red101 app to create modify or cancel orders to her suppliers
Her requests are sent instantly to suppliers and she receives in-app notifications once they are confirmed
Financial Institution
The lending institution Valentina works for has integrated with RedCloud’s open API platform, enabling her to view and manage loan applications, contracts, disbursal and communication, from beginning to end on a single platform