Digitising manual business processes removes the information gap created by cash, and the shadow economy. Gain real time access to rich data, and catered reporting.


Accounting, invoicing, reconciliation

Smart reconciliation between delivery and invoices

Real-time, accurate and secured transaction data available for view

Integrate with external accounting software


Business Intelligence

Rich reporting capabilities on account of aggregated customer and transaction data

Tier customer profiles as per business needs and loyalty

Cash flow management tools


Digital on-boarding & KYC

Digital onboarding processes capture unparalleled user insights

Range of identification processes including document scanning, social media sign-ins, and fingerprint recognition

Local KYC regulation compliancy

Example Use Case

Khiem logs into the RedCloud platform to view reconciled order, delivery and invoicing and payment information
He is then able to segment his customers by profile and behaviour
He also accesses insights on industry trends and forecasts to improve his business decision making
On the Red101 app, Chisom gains instant access to her transaction history, commission earned, and account balance; all of which contribute to building her credit score
She uses the collected insights for planning and forecasting purposes, allowing her to spend more time innovating in her business
Financial Institution
Rodrigo uses the RedCloud platform to access customer profiles, including an AI-generated credit score derived from customers’ transaction history on the marketplace