Using digital finance to lower costs related to cash transportation, storage, leakages and fraud – allowing instant fund availability and improved user experience.

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Digital payments

Instant transactions between all actors of the ecosystem

Bulk disbursements and e-commerce payments

From and to any device 

QR code-based contactless payments


Cash deposit and withdrawal

Account top-up and cash withdrawal at any RedCloud agent or from/to a bank account

Extended reach for banks at minimal cost, via a new network of agents

Integration with multiple agency networks

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Identification & KYC

Secure KYC management with a strong identification process 

Back-office management, audit of customer accounts and transactions 

Example Use Cases

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Distributors handling transportation of goods accept digital payments to their RedCloud account by producing a QR code for merchants to scan and pay instantly. They can then make direct payments from their RedCloud account to their employees, suppliers or pay their bills.



Banks distribute financial services digitally through the RedCloud marketplace and receive digital payments from their customers. Their physical presence is also accrued thanks to RedCloud agents acting on their behalf.



Merchants deposit cash at RedCloud agents and make various payments from their digital account: pay their suppliers, their employees and accept payments from customers in-store and online (e-commerce transactions).
Merchants can also become RedCloud agents and generate more revenue.