Digitising manual business processes for real-time access to abundant data and reporting - bridging the gap of information caused by the use of cash.


Accounting, invoicing, reconciliation

Smart reconciliation between delivery and invoices on the Admin Portal

Real-time transaction data available in the app

Possible integration with external accounting software 



Business Intelligence

Rich reporting via an aggregated view of customer and transaction data 

Customer profiling and tiering, cashflow management 


Digital on-boarding & KYC

User data captured through efficient digital on-boarding

Identification using document scanning, social media sign-in and fingerprint recognition 

Compliant with local KYC regulation


Example Use Case



Manufacturers access aggregated data about their entire supply chain, as it becomes digital. They organise their customers by tiers and profiles, audit accounts and validate or revert transactions when required. This allows them to offer accurate financial solutions and marketing campaigns.