Combatting the current non-inclusive system in which electronic payments are expensive, and financial institutions inaccessible, RedCloud’s AI technology creates alternative credit scores for the unbanked. Through our singular marketplace, we streamline and expand the provision of digital services.

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Credit scoring

View accurate credit scores, generated using AI based on transaction history and profiles

No need for a bank account

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Key digital services

Access credit, insurance and other financial services on the app

Receive digital payments instantly to your RedCloud account

Message and notification-based reminders about upcoming installmentss

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Offer flexible payment terms

Accurate credit scores form the basis of credit provision

Businesses offer customers tailored, risk-aligned lines of credit

Automated reminders facilitate accurate, and timely payments from customers

Example Use case

Chisom needs additional stock of her beverages in preparation for a major sporting event taking place in the vicinity of her kiosk
She logs into her Red101 app to request a short-term loan to sustain this demand
She selects the desired lending option, applies directly through the app and receives funds into her Red101 account
Nicolas gets a request from one of his customers to extend payment for her last order
Nicolas logs into his RedCloud account to view the customer’s credit score and requests extended payment terms, which are financed by a financial institution on our marketplace
Financial Institution
Rodrigo acquires new customers through the RedCloud marketplace and views their profiles, credit scores and repayment statuses on the web portal
Loan disbursements and repayments are sent to and from customers’ digital Red101 accounts, with instalment reminders sent via the app and SMS