Using digital finance lowers transportation, storage, leakage and fraud related costs and concerns. Benefit from instant fund availability and enhanced user experience.

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Digital payments

Real-time instant transactions between every member of the supply chain

QR code, contactless payments between all devices

Bulk disbursements and e-commerce payments


Cash deposit and withdrawal

Withdraw cash and top up your account through geo-located RedCloud agents, or existing bank accounts

Extended reach at minimal cost, through RedCloud’s dynamic agent network

Easy integration with multiple agency networks

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Identification & KYC

Secure KYC management with strong identification processes

Real-time customer account and transaction auditing

Example Use Cases

To top up her account, Chisom uses the Red101 App to request an agent to come to her kiosk to pick up cash and deposit funds into her Red101 digital account
Chisom then uses her Red101 app to pay her beverages suppliers
Khiem visits his customers to collect payments for a big beverage company daily
He generates a one-time use QR code on his phone and presents it to his customers to scan with their Red101 app, paying Khiem instantly
Khiem’s manager, based in the company head office, is able to see confirmed payments instantly