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Red101 Agents

Our agents are retailers that perform actions including account top-ups and other digital services on behalf of customers in exchange for a commission paid into their accounts, all through the Red101 app.

Red101 agents can also come to a merchant’s workplace to perform transactions, meaning that the workplace never has to be left unattended.

All Red101 agents’ profiles and transactions are recorded on the RedCloud platform for complete control and visibility on performed interactions.

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QR Code Technology

Thanks to simple integration with our Open APIs, every member of the supply chain can generate QR codes to accept payments from customers.

By displaying a one-time-use QR code on an invoice or Red101 app, the agent collecting payment does so instantly. In parallel, the company’s Head Office staff gains complete, real-time visibility of these transactions, through the RedCloud back-end system.

RedCloud’s QR codes are lightweight, feature-rich, and can be made private, and decryptable only through our apps and platform.