AI technology allows RedCloud users to reach the right customers instantly, at scale, and with tailored offerings, designed to create immediate, and sustained success.

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Marketing campaigns

Create tiered digital promotional campaigns

Generate and manage associated vouchers

Send and receive offers in-app or through SMS notifications

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Geo-located agent network

In-app map allows you to find the most convenient geo-located agent for you

Agents perform account deposit and withdrawal, and registration, connecting customers to financial services and insurance providers

Example Use Case

Thanks to the customer, transaction and payment data collected through the RedCloud platform, Khiem creates customer profiles and segments
He creates and manages customised promotions and vouchers on the platform, which are sent to each segment by email, SMS and app notifications
Campaign performance is tracked and monitored on the platform
Using her Red101 app, Chisom accesses exclusive offers from her suppliers that are tailored to her needs and profile
She redeems these offers instantly on her platform, creating significant savings for her business
Financial Institution
Using RedCloud’s platform to gain access to important customer data, notably credit scores and profiles, Valentina approaches customers with tailored incentives and packages