RedCloud, the world’s marketplace for financial services, is creating a new connected digital ecosystem, one marketplace for a new integrated and fair financial system, dramatically reducing costs for financial services providers and transforming the way in which manufacturers, distributors, merchants and users transact locally and globally.


One marketplace for all participants

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  • An instant financial digital supply chain with unparalleled insight into transactions
  • Advanced AI tools pre-built or customized for the development of credit scores - to offer payment facilities at lower risk
  • Promotions and loyalty programmes sent to customers, with trackable conversions
  • Rapid integration with external systems for order and stock management
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  • Digital payments received instantly - on delivery or by offering flexible payment terms
  • Customer profiling and credit rating based on analysis of profiles and transactions
  • Targeted marketing campaigns setup on the RedCloud platform 
  • Open API integration with external systems, such as ERP systems, for logistics management


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  • Digital supplier payments and simple accounting on the Red app
  • Creation of credit history for access to financial services and flexible bill payment facilities
  • Digital ordering through third-party integration
  • Cash deposit and withdrawal at RedCloud agents. Eligible merchants become agents to earn revenue on transactions performed
  • Digital payments from consumers at lower cost than traditional electronic payments and in-app promotions - improving reach


  • Digital financial services offered to customers on the RedCloud marketplace
  • New insights and credit scoring on businesses and individuals previously using cash
  • Extended physical reach by leveraging RedCloud retail agents
  • Provide their own mobile wallet service to their customers
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Retail group

  • Payments made to individuals, businesses and institutions via the Red app - e-commerce and in-store. Salary or pension payments received into the digital account
  • Transaction history available for credit scoring - access to credit and insurance
  • Account top-up via cash deposit and withdrawal at geo-located RedCloud agents
  • Communication and loyalty programmes via the app  
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  • Digital payments from consumers
  • Geo-located promotions and loyalty programmes offered through the app – as well as retailer’s mobile wallet
  • Access to new customers and insights on newly digital transactions
  • New revenue generation by registering stores as RedCloud agents

Technology Vendor

  • Services offered on the RedCloud marketplace
  • Access to a new pool of customers
  • Integration with the RedCloud One platform using the Smart Integration Module for added-value services or newly created services for the marketplace
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Telecom Operator

  • Digital payments from customers
  • Offer their own mobile wallet service to customers
  • New insights on digital transactions
  • Revenue generation by leveraging their existing network of agents and becoming RedCloud agents
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Government Institution

  • Payment disbursement to citizens, e.g. pension or subsidies
  • Tax payments received from citizens and businesses

Lending & Saving

  • Access to a new crowd of customers, transferring credit and receiving repayment digitally via identified RedCloud accounts
  • Richer analysis on customer profiles
  • Automatic in-app reminders sent to customers to ensure accurate repayment
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  • Digital payments received in exchange for their services via the RedCloud marketplace
  • Richer data on customers thanks to digital transactions and KYC
  • Improved revenue