We believe that our technology will universally change the way in which services are distributed and accessed by people in the new digital economy. We build the technology infrastructure, joining commerce, finance and government to remove inefficiencies caused by handling physical cash.

Our technology connects banks, retailers, governments, consumers and many other entities to offer services any time, anywhere and on any device.

At the core of our solution are Merchants and independent retailers, who have traditionally been excluded from the benefits of financial services, and are often hit with the inefficiencies of handling physical cash such as theft, fraud, and safe storage. Created for emerging markets, our platform works with any device including: Android, iOS and also legacy USSD feature phones. We can also support tablets and connected machines such as ATMs and POS devices.

Cashless Payments

  • The Connected Marketplace reduces the amount of physical cash, securing the flow from customers, banks and financial services providers.

Working Capital Financing

  • By design, the Connected Marketplace allows merchants to digitally build credit and more quickly access a variety of financial services, such as loans and insurance.

Supplier Order Management

  • In addition to supply chain financing, merchants can track, update and cancel orders in real-time on the app. Also communication with Customer Services and promotions are offered by manufacturers.

Bill payment

  • Merchants can conveniently pay utility providers and services suppliers. All payments are tracked and stored, not only building a credit history, but helping merchants better understand their business.