May 2014 - The Emergence of Smart Mobile Commerce

Understanding how customer data can inform business strategy is a key success factor in today’s banking world.


Across industries there is much evidence as to how technology is connected to numerous business advantages.


With the explosion of mobile connectivity, turning mobile phones into electronic wallets, we are already seeing how mobile applications are revolutionising customer buying and banking behaviour.

  “To continue with the development of RedCloud’s leading mobile platform we have further invested by researching how banks can benefit with customer mobile data. Thus the development of our smart mobile commerce suite. RedCloud BI provides key reporting tools to enable banks to make informed business decisions and create improved customer service levels. This can positively lead to increased banking profitability.’ Soumaya Hamzaoui, Chief Product Officer at RedCloud Technologies.

  Imagine a world where banks were able to partner with retailers and offer discount vouchers for exactly what customers want – that mobile world is here today.

  Mobile devices are repositories for personal data, inform retail behaviour and trends, can help banks to create credit ratings and lead to banks offering customer loyalty programmes. Here at RedCloud we believe that by offering our banking communities ‘smart mobile commerce’ will provide them with greater banking opportunities to improve customer engagement and find ways to attract new customers.


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