RedCloud Security Tips

One of our top security developers tells how one can secure networks for mobile payments using free & simple practices. At RedCloud Technology, the security of our systems need ongoing and meticulously-sourced updates / monitoring for us to remain confident in the safety of the technology we deliver. Creative combinations of systems & codes help to preserve this confidence.

‘Security’ is a key USP for many stakeholders and an integral construct of the mobile payment system. A global survey, looking at the biggest security risks for mobile payment found that - of more than 900 cyber-security experts, only 23% believe mobile payments are secure in keeping personal information safe (recorded by ISACA – Information Systems Audit and Control Association).

Out of many types of security vulnerability (from Loss/theft of device(s) to Phishing & Shmishing attacks) ‘use of public Wi-Fi’ turned out to be the highest vulnerability factor with mobile payments. This topped all options at a vote percentage of 26%, the highest security recommendation being ‘two-factor authentication’ (requiring two ways to verify identity).

'The best way to stay ahead as developers is to understand how breaches work within your own company'. Conduct regular penetration testing (which finds security issues before attackers are likely to). Alternate between regular and intensive testing within your system to ensure the safety of your data.

‘Security Development Lifecycle’ is used in software development to help minimise potential weak spots and security vulnerabilities early. It also helps the development team to familiarise themselves with digital threats and establish appropriate mitigation.

The most effective method of data protection will always be to distinguish and maintain only the information that actually needs to be shared, uploaded, distributed, encoded or encrypted. Disabling / restricting access to system services is also a good choice, but following protocol internally keeps private & sensitive information in places it needs to be and makes it easier to secure.

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