Microcredit Summit - Abu Dhabi March 2016 - RedCloud to outline benefits of Cloud Technology

RedCloud is attending the 18th Microcredit Summit in Abu Dhabi, in the UAE, from 14 to 17 March. Chief Operating Officer Katia Hilal will deliver a presentation discussing the organisational and end-user benefits of leveraging cloud technology. The Microcredit Summit brings together microfinance practitioners and associated stakeholders and highlights the benefit of delivering financial services to consumers and businesses. Such developments lead to well-understood social gains, as well as financial empowerment.

This year’s summit is organised by the Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development, the Arab Gulf Programme for Development (AGFUND), and the Microcredit Summit Campaign. Discussions at the event will focus specifically on ways to reach communities which historically have been financially underserved, as well as to outline the commercial and social opportunity for microfinance providers.

The 18th summit will also cover potential financial strategies to promote inclusive, sustainable economic growth and social empowerment.

Cloud Technology In her presentation, titled ‘Cloud technologies for serving financial inclusion’, Katia will explain the benefits of cloud technology and how it is no longer the sole remit of large businesses but now also smaller microfinance institutions and their customers. The opportunity for the cloud to offer a platform for safe, secure and cost-effect services is an exciting and much needed development.

Katia’s presentation on this topic will take place on Wednesday 16 March at 13:15 (GMT+4).

RedCloud is looking forward to the event and is eager to lead discussions and share knowledge with other attendees, which includes Nobel Peace Prize laureate Professor Mohammad Yunus – renowned for his seminal work on microcredit.

For those due to attend the event and would like to meet with RedCloud please get in contact here. To find out more about how RedCloud supports microcredit and financial inclusion click here.

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