Agent (or agency) banking

Transforming the way you reach customers.

Servicing banking customers has been a costly exercise. This is especially true in emerging markets and in rural areas. Traditional bank branches have high operational costs, and are not agile enough to meet new market needs that are part today’s marketplace. The answer is to extend your reach by setting a network of agents who serve as the physical backbone of your financial services network. Agent banking provides an ideal way to help banks and other providers to expand financial services and improve user experience while retaining operational efficiencies.

Why agent banking?

Establishing an agent banking network enables banks to extend their reach by both onboarding new customers and retaining existing ones. Agent (or agency) banking allows the bank to provide the physical backbone and distribution network for digital mobile money that will allow them to both protect and grow their bank business. RedCloud One Agent Banking:

  • Configurable platform provides the backbone of mobile money
  • Extends cash-in and cash-out transactions
  • Comes with white-label apps and back-end management tools

The future is digital relevance. The future is brand experience shaped by technology. The future is a connected marketplace.

3 Key stakeholders powering the transactions

RedCloud One agent banking solution is a cloud-based solution that can be easily and efficiently deployed. It supports fast time-to-market and rapid onboarding of agents so service providers can continuously evolve the end user’s mobile wallet experience into one that is much more robust and engaging. We have white label apps for Customers, Agents, and Merchants which can be configured and deployed from an easy to use Admin Portal.

An open marketplace with mutual stakeholder benefits:


Customer experience improves with more services accessed anytime, anywhere and on any device. New services can be more easily served, at lower costs to the end user. Plus, quicker access to services in the existing branches as waiting times are reduced.


Retail agents increase sales from additional walk-ins, leading to additional revenues and brand association. Ultimately contributing to local social-economic growth.


Can expand the customer base and market share, broadening their services coverage and increasing float balances. Plus the existing branch network will improve productivity indirectly by reducing congestion, saving on infrastructure and manpower costs.

An open marketplace, powered by one platform to build your digital relevance.