Financial Services Cloud


The Financial Services (FS) Cloud is RedCloud’s flagship product covering the breadth of use-cases across the digital financial services landscape. The Cloud enables financial service providers to deliver innovative and reliable solutions in record time, and includes all Agent, Merchant & Insurance Cloud features.
At the core of the product is RedCloud’s ground breaking, real-time transaction engine which powers all financial activity across the Cloud. The engine supports the creation of single or multiple accounts for consumers, merchants and agents leading to the best in platform flexibility and scalability.
The FS Cloud supports activity across payments, savings, loans and insurance in order for your organisation to meet a variety of customer needs easily and effectively.
It is able to fit seamlessly into any existing or proposed ecosystem by supporting core banking integration, links to card and ATM networks and by also having a dedicated agency module designed to facilitate cash deposits and withdrawals.
RedCloud also provide the tools to manage the service from a single web location, as well as a range of pre-configured insights as part of RedCloud’s Analytics programme. If you’re looking to reinvent the digital financial services landscape, the Financial Services Cloud is for you.


Agency cloud


Acting as effective distribution networks, agency models have exponentially grown in popularity over recent years. The Agent Cloud is dedicated to providing Agents with digital solutions to better support their customers.
The Cloud enables various types of agent based outlet, from high-street dealers to fully fledge bank branches. A configurable agent hierarchy means stores can be centrally managed or independently run, offering the very best opportunity for networks to grow and succeed. It supports practically any connected device-type meaning anyone, anywhere now has the ability to become an agent or transact with one.
The product has a range of customer registration methods which lead on to multiple features that enable various deposit and withdrawal activities. This empowers customers to carry out their own financial transactions or the Agent Cloud also supports Over-the-Counter models in order to offer a safe and convenient alternative financial channel. For those agents looking to sell other prepaid services, the Cloud has features that facilitate digital payment acceptance, so your customers can enjoy all the benefits of going cashless.
Powering all this, our Business Management and Analytics suite has been architected to provide the best in preconfigured float management, commissioning, store administration and insight management. In a changing financial landscape, the Agent Cloud provides the best platform for Agents to succeed.


Merchant cloud


Merchants are demanding better access to a range of financial services – both for their business and their customers. The Merchant Cloud provides a new way for firms to manage their finances and to take advantage of new business opportunities.
Imagine a world where any connected device could be turned into a point of sale terminal or used to initiate customer payments. With Merchant Cloud that vision is now a reality. It revolutionises the payments landscape by providing an omnichannel solution for payment acceptance and origination across merchants, their customers and suppliers. Merchants of any size can now go digital and benefit from the added convenience and security it affords.
Merchant Cloud also means SME business can access finance easier than ever before. By connecting lenders to SMEs through a platform which enables rich flows of information, small business now have the opportunity to champion entrepreneurship and growth.
Know a business keen to promote an offer? The product’s voucher management feature further empowers merchants by supporting them to configure physical and digital vouchers to offer a frictionless method of offer issuance and redemption.
The Cloud’s Analytics suite means merchants can even start to use transactions as a way to inform business strategy and product innovation. If you’re in the business of business, Merchant Cloud is right for you.