Agency Cloud

Agents can now benefit from a new breed of platform that is intimately familiar with the needs and requirements of you and your customers. Agency Cloud is dedicated to supporting Agent-based services who can now leverage a configurable range of business and customer-facing features. By drawing on an innovative ‘Banking as a Platform’ approach, easy-to-adopt plug and play architecture puts Agents at the heart of customer service.

Complete Flexibility


Agency Cloud is defined by configurability, an industry-leading hallmark which means it can be effortlessly leveraged to serve specific needs in particular markets. In determining the exact features, rules and workflows – for both customers and those managing the service – it reinvents how financial services and delivered and accessed.

Agency Cloud even empowers organisations to directly configure those parameters in order to make costly and painful change requests a thing of the past. Whether your organisation is either running or supporting a service, the platform accommodates both store value digital accounts and the use of traditional bank accounts.

Powerful, intuitive configuration tools mean your system is as individual as your service


“Agency Banking is one of the best strategies to offer

financial services in emerging markets”


Transactional Activity

Sitting at the interface of the physical and digital worlds, Agents are vital to the operations of many services. Agency Cloud acts to support such activity, particularly with regard to intuitive options that facilitate customer registration as well as deposit and withdrawal activity. For those services using Over-The-Counter models, Agency Cloud can act as the primary channel for all customer-related activity. Agents can even benefit from using the digital payment acceptance features for other prepaid services.

Business & Liquidity Management

RedCloud also provide management tools across the breadth of the Agent network in order to assist Agents in managing their service, all of which are available via a range of convenient interfaces, including via mobile and desktop. From those Agents operating at ‘street-level’ to ‘super-aggregators’ who facilitate the distribution of liquidity across networks, Agency Cloud ensures the smooth operation of your business. Advanced reporting capabilities, store management and commissions features also mean a product able to support your business goals.


Specialist front-end interfaces across a range of device types make powerful analytics available in real time

Powerful Processing Engine

At the core of the product is RedCloud’s ground breaking real-time transaction engine which powers all financial activity across the Cloud. Your organisation and customers benefit from an intelligent identity model and set of configurable transaction types, rules and roles meaning a platform which puts you in control. The engine supports the creation of single or multiple accounts for Agents, consumers and merchants leading to the best in platform flexibility and scalability.

Any Device, Anywhere, Anyone

The Agency Cloud supports practically any connected device type meaning anyone, anywhere has the ability to be an Agent or transact to with Agents. A wide range of channels can be used to interact with the Cloud, including the ability for Agents and customers to access the service via smartphone and tablet apps, web, and protocols more common to feature phones like USSD, JavaMidlet, STK and SMS. What’s more, you’re able to configure parameters once, and simultaneously run across a variety of channels.

RedCloud provides preconfigured end-user and management interfaces which complement the transaction engine and can be white-labelled to your organisation’s own brand. If your organisation already has existing end-user interfaces (like a smartphone app) RedCloud’s products can work behind the scenes so new features can be added to your channels in record time.


Customers and organisations need to know their money and data is held in a safe, secure and trusted environment. It’s for that reason the Agency Cloud includes leading security and encryption features, as well as a transaction engine that monitors, records and reports all activity that runs across the service. Complementing those is the configurable set of KYC, AML and Audit processes that can be tailored to meet your specific requirements. The result is a product which service providers, customers and regulators have unrivalled confidence in.

Field Management

Looking for improved Agent performance? Agency Cloud has been built to enable local Agents to connect to – and communicate with – the broader network, thereby facilitating best-practice knowledge sharing. It’s also how we can put consumers and Agents in touch quickly and easily. Handy features like store geo-location and Agent instant messaging results in an Agent network which is dynamic, innovative and benchmarking.


Transactions shouldn’t just about their utility in moving money from one place to another. Our Analytics suite has been architected to provide a range of pre-configured insights available to both ‘street-level’ Agents and to those who administer the service. The result? The whole ecosystem can start to use transaction-orientated big data to drive business strategy and product innovation.

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