Merchant Cloud

Businesses of all sizes can now benefit from a revolution in how they manage their money. Spanning collections to payments to access to finance – not to mention an innovative loyalty management feature – Merchant Cloud is here to support the growth engine of economies.

Digital Payments

Merchants have historically had to contend with the cost and insecurity of accepting and holding large volumes of cash. RedCloud is able to offer merchants and customers the ability to go cashless without the need to adopt expensive payments infrastructure. Solutions start with devices as simple as a basic feature phone. Beyond payment acceptance, merchants can equally benefit from being able to conduct supplier payments with the same levels of speed, ease and security.

Access to Finance

Most SME businesses lack access to adequate financing, in part due to the lack of readily-available historic transaction data. Merchant Cloud changes this by enabling rich exchanges of data between applicant and credit provider, meaning SMEs can now view, apply for, receive and repay loans all from one handy location. Loan providers are empowered to manage the credit approval process and end-to-end loan management workflow. Merchant Cloud can even act as a pure mobile front end and integrate with existing back-office loan origination and credit scoring systems. And with our state-of-the-art real-time transaction engine, all activity can take place expediently and securely.

Loyalty Management

Know a merchant eager to promote an offer? Merchant Cloud empowers firms of all sizes to promote loyalty and business development through an innovative voucher management system. The product includes features that enable the issuance and acceptance of physical and digital vouchers where merchants can easily define discount values, period and targeted recipients in just a few clicks. And by targeting relevant prospective customers, the Merchant Cloud enhances business’ value proposition like never before.

Transaction Engine

At the core of the product is RedCloud’s ground breaking real-time transaction engine which powers all financial activity across the Cloud. Your organisation and customers benefit from an intelligent identity model and set of configurable transaction types, rules and roles meaning a platform which puts you in control. The engine supports the creation of single or multiple accounts for consumers, merchants and agents leading to the best in platform flexibility and scalability.

Omnichannel Solution

Say goodbye to limits in how your customers interact with you. The Merchant Cloud supports practically any connected device type meaning anyone, anywhere can now benefit from your services. A wide range of channels can be used to interact with the Cloud, including the ability for customers to access the service via smartphone and tablet apps, web, and protocols more common to feature phones like USSD, JavaMidlet, STK and SMS. What’s more, you’re able to configure parameters once, and simultaneously run across a variety of channels.
RedCloud provides preconfigured end-user and management interfaces which complement the transaction engine and can be white-labelled to your organisation’s own brand. If your organisation already has existing end-user interfaces (like a smartphone app) RedCloud’s products can work behind the scenes so new features can be added to your channels in record time.

Customised to You

The Merchant Cloud is defined by configurability, an industry-leading hallmark which means it can be effortlessly leveraged to serve specific needs in particular markets. In determining the exact features, rules and workflows – for both customers and those managing the service – it reinvents how financial services and delivered and accessed. RedCloud even empowers its customers to directly configure those parameters in order to make costly and painful change requests a thing of the past.

Trust & Confidence

Customers and organisations need to know their money and data is held in a safe, secure and trusted environment. It’s for that reason the Merchant Cloud includes leading security and encryption features, as well as a transaction engine that monitors, records and reports all activity that runs across the service. Complementing those is the configurable set of KYC, AML and Audit processes that can be tailored to meet your specific requirements. The result is a product which service providers, customers and regulators have unrivalled confidence in.

Service Management

RedCloud also provide the tools to manage the service from a single web location, saving on overheads and time. One of the benefits of the portal is an advanced Customer Relationship Management feature which allows service providers to meet the needs of their customers conveniently and swiftly. Beyond this, providers can define and maintain end user products, administer and interrogate specific transactions, manage bulk payments, as well as to add single or multiple new identities to the service. The portal even takes care of accounting where funds can be credited or debited from the platform, as well as providing a place for Trust bank account reconciliation to be managed.


Transactions shouldn’t just about their utility in moving money from one place to another. Our Analytics suite has been architected to provide a range of pre-configured insights available to merchants. The result? The whole ecosystem can start to use transaction-orientated big data to drive business strategy and product innovation.

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