RedCloud One Platform

Connected Technology

Our technology can solve the complex challenge of removing physical cash by creating the infrastructure for the digitisation of the entire ecosystem – creating a Connected Marketplace. Our platform allows any entity to connect and benefit from the scale and reach of the marketplace.

RedCloud One is a bank-grade platform that is end-to-end: from back-end transaction engine and Smart Integration Module, to configurable SaaS middle-ware, through to front-end white labelled apps. We provide an all in one solution, with the following layers ready for quick and cost-efficient deployment.

Core Transaction Engine

At the core of our solution is a bank grade processing engine. It creates virtual accounts and processes financial transactions to and from these accounts.
Its back-end configuration tool powered by RedCloud enables users to easily create and update features for all apps, including the interfaces, via an easy drag-and-drop menu. All changes are then pushed automatically to the apps, with no need for users to update it on the app store.

Smart Integration Module

The platform allows for the continued development of a marketplace model where entities can be added continuously. This allows fast change cycles in a microservices architecture using a Software Developer Kit (SDK) network of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

Any Device Connectivity & Applications

Created for emerging markets, our platform works with any device including: Android, iOS and also legacy USSD feature phones. We can also support tablets and connected machines such as ATMs and POS devices.


Business Intelligence is a key component of RedCloud’s offering, allowing its customers to have full visibility over the platform’s activity. With more knowledge about consumers’ behaviour, agent transactions and activity from the entire network, businesses are now able to make better strategic decisions, review the impact of their past actions and adjust the next ones. Rich analytics are accessible via the Admin Portal, whose access can be restricted to certain users, as desired.

KYC compliance

Effortlessly configure the platform to meet KYC requirements.