Digital Financial Services Reinvented

Digital Payments

A vast library available of pre-configured payment types (C2B (POS, E-Commerce, Billing), C2G, B2B, G2C, etc.)

Digital Accounts

One of the most advanced Digital and Mobile wallet technologies. Created by developers of M-Pesa service


Effortlessly configure the platform to meet AML and KYC requirements, and to deliver services in a safe, secure manner

International Payments

Connect into established remittance corridors or benefit from our innovative and secure Blockchain-based technology

Lending, Savings & Insurance

Complementary features to offer the breadth of digital financial services

Cloud Delivery

Our Cloud-first infrastructure enables fast, scalable and reliable deployments for a lower overall cost of ownership

Omnichannel Experience

Complementing RedCloud’s pioneering transaction engine are a suite of configurable end-user interfaces across a variety of device types

Agent Banking

Comprehensive Agent, Field Officer Management and Branch Automation capabilities designed to support the new age of digital financial services. Includes a rich range of financial products and deep business analytics

Cloud Platform for Digital Financial Services

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RedCloud® has the financial and technological experience in how best to deliver digital financial services to new markets. The platform has been built by the technology team behind the launch of M Pesa, the world’s most successful mobile money service, delivering transactions daily in over 22 countries.

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