The future of commerce... is open!

The future
of commerce...
is open!

The demand for basic goods is growing annually worldwide...

By 2025, over 5 billion new consumers will be created in emerging markets, leading to increased demand for consumer goods.

Yet the Supply Chain in emerging markets only gets more inefficient.

The process that moves consumer goods from manufacturers to consumers is broken.

There are too many barriers to fair and profitable trade...

Cash payments, lack of credit, manual & inefficient processes, and a lack of access to market data makes trading difficult for brands, distributors, and retailers.

...and traditional e-commerce keeps on making it worse!

Traditional e-commerce is predatory, controlling and benefits only big tech providers who own all the data and try to own the entire supply chain.

This centralised model is killing small businesses, by restricting access to the tools needed to drive growth.

The world needs
Open Commerce...

We need an open, transparent trading system that unlocks the supply chain and empowers businesses to grow and thrive.

That system is Open Commerce!

...and with RedCloud's Intelligent Open Commerce Platform, we are making it a reality.

RedCloud is eliminating complexity, removing the barriers to trade and providing equal opportunities to all stakeholders across the supply chain.

Simplified payments, actionable insights from the market, and access to thousands of consumer product at the touch of a button – it’s all possible with RedCloud.

The future of commerce is Open!