RedCloud signs new partnership with Lagostão Pescados to increase sales with Open Commerce.

Sao Paulo, May 2022 – Global technology firm, RedCloud has announced a partnership with Lagostão Pescados, a large seafood distributor in Brazil, to increase sales and drive business growth.

This partnership will bring Lagostão Pescadosone of the fastest-growing seafood distributors in Brazil onboard the world’s first Open Commerce platform, Red101 Market, built by RedCloud. Lagostão Pescados currently carries over 100 SKUs and will gain access to a wide network of retailers across Sao Paulo and Brazil who already use the Red101 Market App.

 Lagostão Pescados currently supplies seafood to one of the largest restaurant chains in Brazil, with over 80 outlets, but the distribution process is manual and costly. As a result, they had been seeking to digitize their existing B2B supply chain and expand into new markets, and RedCloud’s Open Commerce Platform was the perfect partner to help accomplish this.

Speaking on the partnership, Gabriel Netto, Sales manager for Lagostão Pescados says “All of us at Lagostão are happy with this partnership, as we had been searching for exactly what Red101 Market is offering us – greater visibility across the supply chain with a digital solution. We believe in embracing the latest market innovations, which is why we closed this partnership. From the first contact, we have had extreme confidence that we needed to take this step further, and we trust that this will be the platform we need to drive consistent growth, I have no doubt that it will be a successful partnership.” 

Unlike traditional e-commerce, RedCloud’s revolutionary Open Commerce platform is completely decentralized and provides an open trading environment where distributors like Lagostão Pescados can directly connect to retailers to take their orders, track stock levels in real-time, and gain in-depth visibility at point of sale.

RedCloud CEO, Justin Floyd, had this to say about this new partnership: “We are excited to partner with Lagostão Pescados expand their market reach with the world’s first Open Commerce platform. Open Commerce and decentralization is an accelerated way to fix the broken consumer goods supply chain for brands, distributors, and distributors, by building a single point of digital  engagement for all parties to trade together.”

The Red101 Market App is live in over five markets, and over 200,000 retailers are signed up to the platform, with more joining every day. This makes RedCloud the only solution that allows brands and distributors to digitize the traditionally fragmented B2B supply chain, reduce costs with efficient inventory management, drive growth with real-time POS visibility across multiple geolocations, and better manage their inventory to reduce costs, and drive growth.

About RedCloud

RedCloud is a global technology company committed to enabling commerce everywhere, especially in emerging markets, by digitally connecting FMCG brands, distributors, and merchants that enable them to sell smarter, buy better, and pay simpler. With its proprietary Open Commerce platform, RedCloud is poised to drive economic growth in the FMCG industry by providing new levels of visibility and enabling strategic decision-making based on real-time data analysis syndicated across the distribution chain.