RedCloud Partners with V-Martins Supplies to expand market reach in Nigeria with Open Commerce

RedCloud Technologies has recently announced its business partnership with V-Martins Supplies, a large beverage distributor in Nigeria, to increase market reach and drive revenue growth by leveraging the world’s first open commerce platform, Red 101 Market.

The partnership was driven by V-Martins Supplies’ desire to expand its market reach and drive revenue growth without increasing costs. With RedCloud’s Open Commerce technology, V-Martins Supplies have a new digital sales channel that enables them to reach a wider network of retailers across multiple geolocations.

Since 2003, V-Martins Supplies has been committed to distributing its premium beverage brands across Southwest Nigeria. However, in a bid to expand operations and reach more retailers and markets within the country, they’re looking to incorporate digital solutions to address the operational and logistical challenges typically experienced in the FMCG industry.

V-Martins will successfully digitize the entire supply chain by leveraging RedCloud’s decentralized Open Commerce platform that connects brands, distributors, and retailers directly on a single platform. They will also gain the ability to see where the demand for their products is in real-time and create targeted, cost-effective growth campaigns to drive sales growth and increase revenue. In addition, this partnership with RedCloud provides V-Martins with direct access to over 10,000 retailers across Nigeria who already use the Red101 Market app to buy FMCG products for their stores. 

V-Martins is also excited to leverage RedCloud’s advanced supply-chain financing program, where brands and distributors can offer micro-loans and credit facilities to their most loyal retailers, enabling them to grow their businesses. Commenting on the partnership and the exciting opportunities it presents, Victor Udeh-Martin, the Managing Director at V-Martins Supplies LTD, said, “The joy of being in business is an effective expansion of your sales/marketing network, and we know that our partnership with RedCloud will effortlessly bring this expansion to us.” 

Also talking about the partnership, Justin Floyd, co-founder, and CEO of RedCloud, emphasized the commitment of the company to facilitate open trade in emerging markets. 

He said, “With our decentralized open commerce platform, FMCG brands and distributors worldwide get to experience business growth and expansion on their own terms, free from the undue restriction that traditional e-commerce places on businesses. Open Commerce empowers distributors to build resilient supply chains and reach a wide network of retailers that were previously inaccessible to them under the traditional, fragmented distribution model.”

“We’re confident that V-Martins Supplies would benefit greatly from this partnership as they distribute their products to even more retailers. They can expect to gain more visibility, penetrate new markets across Nigeria, and even reward their most active retailers with advanced supply chain financing and micro-loans to help them grow their businesses.” 

Red101 Market, the world’s first Open Commerce platform, is currently live in over five markets (including Argentina, Brazil, Nigeria, South Africa, and Peru) with plans to expand to over 20 markets by the end of 2022. Red101 Market also has over 270,000 registered merchants trading and growing their business with the unique opportunity that RedCloud provides. 

About RedCloud

RedCloud is a global technology company committed to enabling commerce everywhere, especially in emerging markets, by digitally connecting FMCG brands, distributors, and merchants that enable them to sell smarter, buy better, and pay simpler. With its proprietary Open Commerce platform, RedCloud is poised to drive economic growth in the FMCG industry by providing new levels of visibility and enabling strategic decision-making based on real-time data analysis syndicated across the distribution chain.