RedCloud announces new partnership with Kwality Brands to increase market reach and drive business growth

Global technology firm, RedCloud, has announced a new business partnership with South African detergent manufacturer Kwality Brands, to increase sales and expand market reach with the world’s first Open Commerce platform, Red101 Market.  

This partnership will see Kwality Brands, one of the top brands in the South African soap and detergent industry, gain access to a wide network of retailers across South Africa who already use  RedCloud’s Open Commerce platform, Red101 Market, to trade digitally in their stores.  

Kwality Brands is the manufacturer of Exello and Exceed, a line of laundry products, and is one of the few local manufacturers of washing liquid, powders, and detergents in South Africa. They’ve been seeking to increase market share amid fierce competition from other multinational brands, and RedCloud was the perfect partner to help Kwality Brands achieve this, as the partnership will provide Kwality Brands with over 1,000 potential new points of sale via the Red101 Market app. In addition, by joining the world’s first Open Commerce platform, the brand will gain end-to-end visibility across their supply chain and see in real-time who is buying their products and where the demand for their products is, segmented by geolocation.

Rafiq Tayob, the CEO of Kwality Brands, expressed delight at the opportunity RedCloud presents for the company’s expansion plans. Rafiq, who had previously invested heavily in other digital marketing efforts without generating any significant returns, said, “We at Kwality Brands have been attempting to enter the informal sector with our Exello and Exceed product range. However, we were unable to find a suitable partner to drive this strategy. Red101 Market presented their strategy to us, and with their local and international exposure, skilled workforce, energy-driven team, knowledge in the FMCG market, and incorporation of digital marketing, we at Kwality Brands took the decision to partner with Red 101 Market to achieve our objectives. I look forward to growing our brand through their platform  and networking.”

RedCloud is committed to bringing digital commerce to millions of FMCG brands, distributors, and retailers in emerging markets who currently trade offline. To achieve this, RedCloud has built the world’s first Open Commerce Platform, Red101 Market, a decentralized, open trading environment where brands, distributors, and retailers can connect and trade directly. With Open Commerce, the consumer goods supply chain in emerging markets is made more efficient, and FMCG brands like Kwality Brands can grow their business and reach a wider market without increasing costs. 

Commenting on the partnership, the CEO of RedCloud, Justin Floyd, said, “We’re glad to partner with Kwality Brands to unlock the market and drive business growth with Open Commerce. Kwality is a great brand with an incredible product line, and we’re confident that our solution will enable them to expand its market reach, improve sales, and grow the brand. In addition, the Red101 Market app provides the brand with unprecedented visibility into their distribution chain, so they can identify and maximize growth opportunities in real-time.” 

About RedCloud

RedCloud is a global technology company committed to enabling commerce everywhere, especially in emerging markets, by digitally connecting FMCG brands, distributors, and merchants that enable them to sell smarter, buy better, and pay simpler. With its proprietary Open Commerce platform, RedCloud is poised to drive economic growth in the FMCG industry by providing new levels of visibility and enabling strategic decision-making based on real-time data analysis syndicated across the distribution chain.