RedCloud’s new partnership with DisMax Brasil

RedCloud are excited to announce our new partnership with Dismax – Distribuição Máxima, a leading distributor in Brazil. 🇧🇷. Dismax currently carries over 2000 SKUs from 20 strategic brands, including Mars, Duracell, BIC, Adria and more. This partnership will enable us to launch our operations in São Paulo at scale and make an immediate significant impact in the lives of thousands of merchants in the area.

With this alliance, over 4,000 Dismax merchants will join the world’s first Open Commerce platform, where they will benefit from increased convenience, reduced costs, and better choices.

Our VP of Sales and Partnership, Henrique Celentano shares his excitement:

“The hard work and dedication of everyone involved in this partnership is truly admirable, and we are excited to see what the future holds for RedCloud and Dismax as they continue to work together. This is a testament to the power of collaboration and the potential for even greater things when companies come together to pursue a shared vision.”