RedCloud Brings AI-Powered Intelligent Open Commerce to New York Showcase

London, 25 July 2023

RedCloud Technologies is bringing its industry-leading AI-powered Intelligent Open Commerce Platform to New York for an intensive showcase.

The brand has set-up an Open Commerce Hub in New York City, which will be used to demonstrate the power of its technology to FMCG brands across North America who are looking to expand their product reach across the fastest growing consumer markets.

Designed to help FMCGs to tap into the $1 trillion product growth expected from emerging markets, RedCloud’s Intelligent Open Commerce Platform supports underserved markets, such as LATAM and Africa; helping local merchants to access more stock at better prices and helping brands to uncover new growth opportunities and increase their understanding of, and influence within, the local supply chain.
RedCloud’s solution harnesses the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to help retailers bypass the barriers of language and location commonly experienced in trade. Providing solutions that work alongside a company’s existing infrastructure, RedCloud provides innovative, intelligent tools that can result in accelerated sales and marketing growth without increasing costs.

As part of the US promotion, RedCloud has signed up to a partnership with Accel Media International LLC. This will see the brand featured on iconic billboards and television commercials, reaching an audience of 12M plus OutDoor and over 280,000 monthly TV viewers. Including an FMW Media’s ‘New to The Street’ television segment, which can be seen on various channels, including Bloomberg, as sponsored program. RedCloud’s leading experts will also be appearing on several American television shows throughout the coming months. They will be talking about the unique opportunities RedCloud’s Intelligent Open Commerce Platform brings.

Justin Floyd, CEO of RedCloud, states:
‘America has always been known as the home of opportunity; it’s the place where the underdog gets a chance. At RedCloud, our aim has always been to level the playing field, to allow as many businesses and entrepreneurs to access the technology they need to succeed. So, New York feels like the perfect place to hold this showcase.

‘Our aim is to provide open commerce solutions for everyone – regardless of location or language. And with AI, language will no longer be a barrier. It can help sellers in places like Africa and Latin America to do business not only with their near neighbors, irrespective of their language, but with brands globally.’

About RedCloud

RedCloud is a global technology company, headquartered in London that is leveraging AI-powered technology to make global trade simpler.
RedCloud’s Intelligent Open Commerce Platform connects FMCG Brands, Distributors, and Local Merchants on a single, equitable marketplace, empowering them with real-world insights and data to help them make better decisions.

RedCloud enables FMCG Brands to seize new opportunities in emerging markets, facilitates access to more buyers & streamlines operations for Distributors, and helps Local Merchants spend more time selling products, not searching for them. The company comprises a highly diverse, dynamic team of driven talented people from over twenty different countries, speaking multiple languages, with a physical footprint in Africa, Europe, and Latin America.