RedCloud Announces Partnership with PayWay offer bill payments to merchants on the world’s first Intelligent Open Commerce Platform

Buenos Aires, August 2023. UK-headquartered Global technology firm RedCloud Technologies announced a strategic partnership with Newpay, which offers payment technology solutions such as PagoMisCuentas, to enable merchants to make digital bill payments on the Red101 platform.

This partnership will allow merchants on RedCloud’s Intelligent Open Commerce Platform, Red101 to access PagoMisCuentas, the largest service and tax collection processor in Argentina, to offer digital bill payments and electronic payment services to their customers.

With this integration, merchants can add digital bill payments to their product catalogue, and can help their customer pay for over 7,500 bills, including card statement payments, electricity, water, TV services, car insurance, taxes and more,

The addition of these electronic payment services will help merchants increase footfall into their stores, and also generate an additional income stream, as merchants get a commission on every bill payment made.

Speaking about the partnership, Cecilia Silas, the Head of PagoMisCuentas said “We are very excited about this partnership that allows us to continue digitising service and tax payments through RedCloud’s network of merchants, providing a simple and secure payment experience for their users”.

Juan Almonacid, VP of Product Strategy at RedCloud, also commented on the partnership: “We have been in constant contact with the network of businesses on the Red101 platform, and a common request was for an increase in the number of services they could offer their customers and, in particular, the ability to pay bills for basic household services. After searching for different partners, we found PagoMisCuentas to be the best match, due to their award-winning support, robust service catalogue, and attractive offers for the merchants on our network”.

This partnership reflects RedCloud’s commitment to empower the thousands of retailers and small businesses by providing an open digital commerce platform where they can collaborate with brands, distributors and industry partners, driving growth across the entire commerce ecosystem.

How to pay bills at the merchant stores

To use this electronic bill payment service, the customer simply needs to visit any merchant on the Red101 platform, with the bill to be paid (either in digital or paper format). Merchants on the Red101 network can be easily identified by the stickers and banners around their store. The merchant will scan the bill or enter the details manually into the Red101 app, which is integrated with PagoMisCuentas.

After confirmation from the customer on the bill to be paid and the amount, the merchant receives the cash payment and then pays the bill from their Red101 wallet. To conclude the transaction, the merchant inputs the customer’s phone number for them to receive the voucher, which can be downloaded at any time by the customer via the link sent to their phone.

About RedCloud

RedCloud is a global technology company committed to enabling commerce everywhere, especially in developing markets, by digitally connecting brands, retailers and consumer goods merchants to enable them to sell smarter, buy better and pay simpler. With its proprietary Open Commerce platform, RedCloud is poised to drive economic growth in the consumer goods industry by providing new levels of visibility and enabling strategic decision-making based on real-time, syndicated data analytics across the distribution chain.

About PagoMisCuentas

PagoMisCuentas is a service provided by Newpay SAU, an Advent International company, which was born from the corporate reorganization of Prisma Medios de Pago SAU, and manages the Banelco ATM network with more than 7,000 ATMs throughout the country. NewPay SAU manages the payment of services and taxes of more than 4,000 member companies through PagoMisCuentas and administers and processes payments by immediate transfers between individuals both through ATMs and through the digital channels of the Network’s Member Banks and payments with transfers (PCT) with a volume of approximately 100 million transactions per month.

It offers secure, flexible, and high-quality payment technology solutions to drive digital payments. For more information visit