Fixing the world’s supply chains with Open Commerce

Do you believe technology has the power to transform not only the economy, but also society as a whole? Soumaya Hamzaoui, the COO at RedCloud, certainly does. In this newsletter, we had a chat with Soumaya on the current state of the global supply chain and how it impacts emerging markets. She also shares her insights […]

Beyond SAITEX: How RedCloud is unlocking the future of commerce in South Africa

South Africa is a market that is bursting with life and brimming with potential, and that vibrant energy was palpable when our RedCloud South Africa team recently participated in the Southern African International Trade Exhibition (SAITEX). SAITEX Africa is Africa’s largest and most established trade exhibition, and the team was on the ground showcasing the power of […]

Why Cash is hurting businesses in emerging markets

For millions of businesses in emerging markets, cash remains the primary method of payment. It is used by consumers and businesses alike. The World Bank recently reported that over 50% of all retail payments are still made in cash. In today’s newsletter, we examine why cash payments remain so prevalent, despite the numerous efforts to replace them. […]

Combatting the Food Inflation Crisis

The UK is currently grappling with a food inflation crisis – an issue that’s been at the forefront of household concerns and economic discussions alike for a long time now. A simple grocery run has families paying 19% more for food items than they did a year ago. This striking increase is not just affecting […]

Beyond WebSummit Rio – How RedCloud is Unlocking Brazil’s consumer market potential with Open Commerce

The LATAM region holds limitless opportunities, and in this edition of RedCloud Insights, we spotlight Brazil – a dynamic market with immense potential for startups, consumer brands, and retailers alike. Brazil’s $1 trillion+ consumer market, the largest in Latin America, presents vast growth opportunities. With its e-commerce sector anticipating a 14.6% annual increase and projected revenue […]

From Corner Shops to Digital Commerce Giants: How Open Commerce is Changing the Game for Retailers in Nigeria

Picture this: A small corner shop in Lagos, Nigeria, struggling to meet customer demands and grappling with the challenges of an ever-evolving retail landscape. Now, imagine that same shop transformed into a thriving digital commerce giant, effortlessly navigating the complex world of payments, supply chains, and brand partnerships. Sounds incredible, right? That’s precisely what Open […]

The impact of digitalization on financial inclusion in emerging markets

Did you know that nearly 1.7 billion adults worldwide remain without a bank account? 45% of them live in just seven emerging economies! Financial inclusion is a crucial factor in shaping the future of these markets and improving the lives of millions of consumers and businesses across emerging markets.  In this edition of our newsletter, […]

Driving equity with technology in emerging markets: A Q&A session with RedCloud’s Head of Digital Marketing, Judyta Oswianna

Welcome to a special edition of RedCloud Insights in celebration of International Women’s Day 2023! In line with this year’s theme of DigitALL: Innovation and technology for gender equality, we sat down with Judyta Owsianna, the Head of Digital Marketing at RedCloud, to discuss technology, gender equity, and inclusion. Read on to hear Judyta’s inspiring thoughts on […]

AI-powered Open Commerce platforms are the future for B2B Marketplaces

The sight of open, crowded markets serving thousands of customers is familiar in emerging market cities, but behind these open market stalls is a vital network of B2B trading relationships that form the backbone of commerce. Globally, B2B trade is the key to keeping economies running, livelihoods sustained, and communities thriving.  B2B spending across emerging […]