Driving digital disruption for FMCG brands in emerging markets

For decades, FMCG brands in emerging markets have depended on a traditional distribution model to penetrate a highly fragmented market and get their products to retailers’ shelves. However, this model is grossly inefficient as it relies on costly cash payments and a large sales force who make hundreds of visits every week to merchant’s stores. […]

RedCloud is solving the data conundrum in the supply chain

Data is Knowledge; Knowledge is Power. The digital age allows us to collect and analyse data to take action on it quickly and with higher accuracy. Organisations that store large amounts of data understand their customers better because they know what their customers want, when they need it and can predict the next course of […]

Driving growth in FMCGs by digitizing Revenue Growth Management (RGM)

Today, more than ever, CPG companies are struggling to achieve profitable growth, with the industry’s economic profit growth dropping to 3.2% between 2010 and 2019, a sharp decline from the 10.2% growth recorded in the previous decade. One of the reasons for this is that the traditional methods of driving growth are not as effective […]