Raise awareness and run targeted promotions to 100,000 local merchants with RedAds™

Target an already engaged audience with promotions and offers

RedAds™ allows sellers of all sizes to promote specific offers and deals on the Red101 platform. It is a cost-effective way to reach an already engaged audience.

  • Promotion campaigns can be set up within minutes and set live almost instantly.
  • They can be targeted based on a multitude of segments including location (down to just a couple of sq miles), profile or past buying behaviour and many more.
  • There’s no audience limit, and promotion campaigns can be micro-targeted to just a handful of people, or expanded out across multiple continents.


Raise awareness of new product launches or new stock availability

RedAds™ provides sellers with new, innovative ways to reach highly captivated customers to raise awareness of new product lines or updates to existing product offerings.

  • Sellers can run in-app advertising campaigns to engage buyers with high purchase intent on the Open Commerce platform with a few clicks
  • RedAds™ makes it easy for sellers to offer vouchers and special promotions to increase repeat purchases from existing customers or reach new customers.
  • Sellers can precisely target their promotions and campaigns based on multiple factors, such as buyer behaviour and preferences



Access buyers through banners, sponsored products and push notifications

RedAds™ offers a whole range of ways to engage customers efficiently with dynamic marketing tools that amplifies seller-customer interactions and drives sales.

Sellers can:

  • Run push notifications ads
  • Take over key app frames with banner ads
  • Sponsor products and push them to the top of the search results
  • Offer vouchers and trade incentives


RedAds™ also links with RedInsights™ to create automatic campaigns and pricing recommendations.