Helping FCMG Brands to understand
emerging markets in real time

We help FMCG brands to understand and expand in emerging markets

Most FMCG brands have long had to rely on limited, outdated insights for strategic decision-making in emerging markets.

RedCloud’s Intelligent Open Commerce Platform provides the in-depth, live insights needed to make data-driven decisions and gain a competitive advantage in the market.


Our tools help FMCG Brands to uncover new opportunties

Accurate data-led insights are the key to capturing demand and closing a market share gap, RedCloud’s Intelligent Open Commerce platform makes this possible.


We help FMCG brands increase influence further down the supply chain

The traditional distribution model in emerging markets leaves brands with almost no influence over the supply chain once their products leave the warehouse, which also limits the brand’s ability to directly engage with retailers and small distributors.