Helping Local Merchants spend more time
selling products not searching for them

We help local merchants to access more stock at better prices in the most convenient ways

Through Red101™, we give local merchants a genuine choice when it comes to re-stocking their stores.

  • Buyers are not beholden to any single supplier and can buy from multiple in the same order
  • The Red101™ platform ensures that merchants can shop around the thousands of suppliers who sell thousands of SKUs to get the best price and take advantage of special offers and promotions.


We provide tools that make it easier to manage cashflow

Cash payments are risky, inefficient, and a large source of friction for local merchants. This is why RedPay™, an innovative cashless, cardless, bankless, digital solution, was built to streamline payments for local merchants.

  • RedPay™ has built the largest local payment network across emerging markets, with over 1 million pay-in points across 100 countries.
  • Merchants can easily make the switch to digital payments even without a bank accounts
  • RedPay™ streamlines cashflow management for merchants by equipping them with the necessary tools to start making and accepting digital payments
  • Merchants can access their funds faster with cash in options and instantly cleared funds into their RedPay E-wallet.

Attract new customers and earn commission by selling digital services

Red101® has a digital service sales feature built into the app, which helps local merchants increase customer footfall into their stores and accelerate sales growth.

  • Merchants can offer their customers transport card top-ups, airtime voucher sales, and other bill payment services.
  • Selling digital services allows local merchants to increase foot traffic into their stores and gain additional opportunities to sell their physical products
  • Merchants gain an additional income stream by earning a commission on every digital service sold.