Revolutionising Payments with RedPay™ in Nigeria

In the Nigerian retail market, just like other emerging economies, cash remains king as a significant number of all retail transactions are paid for by cash. The World Bank estimates that over 50% of all retail payments globally are done in cash, and in emerging markets like Nigeria and Ghana, that number can rise to […]

From Corner Shops to Digital Commerce Giants: How Open Commerce is Changing the Game for Retailers in Nigeria

Picture this: A small corner shop in Lagos, Nigeria, struggling to meet customer demands and grappling with the challenges of an ever-evolving retail landscape. Now, imagine that same shop transformed into a thriving digital commerce giant, effortlessly navigating the complex world of payments, supply chains, and brand partnerships. Sounds incredible, right? That’s precisely what Open […]

RedCloud Surpasses Half a Billion Dollars in Trading Volume in Nigeria in just 12 Months

London, 1 June 2023 RedCloud, has today announced a major milestone. In just 12 months, it has passed a trading volume of $500m in a single territory – Nigeria. Known for its mission to enable commerce everywhere, RedCloud seeks to support emerging markets by digitally connecting FMCG brands, distributors, and merchants, providing them with the […]

Why Amazon is not the answer to Africa’s retail challenges

USTIN FLOYD CEO OF REDCLOUD TECHNOLOGY ‍ This post was originally published on Business Age After a decade of rumours, leaked documents suggest Amazon finally has concrete plans to launch online marketplaces in Africa over the next 12 months. ‘Project Fela’ will see the retail giant move into five new territories, including Nigeria and South Africa. […]

What you need to know about Open Commerce – A live conversation from the market

Every year, billions of dollars’ worth of consumer goods are sold in high-growth markets. However, the supply chain that moves these products from the manufacturers to distributors and eventually retailers is broken and no longer fit-for-purpose. The current traditional distribution model is inefficient, cash-based, and depends almost exclusively on manual processes. This inefficient distribution system prevents […]

RedCloud Partners with V-Martins Supplies to expand market reach in Nigeria with Open Commerce

RedCloud Technologies has recently announced its business partnership with V-Martins Supplies, a large beverage distributor in Nigeria, to increase market reach and drive revenue growth by leveraging the world’s first open commerce platform, Red 101 Market. The partnership was driven by V-Martins Supplies’ desire to expand its market reach and drive revenue growth without increasing […]