RedCloud Announces Partnership with PayWay offer bill payments to merchants on the world’s first Intelligent Open Commerce Platform

Buenos Aires, August 2023. UK-headquartered Global technology firm RedCloud Technologies announced a strategic partnership with Newpay, which offers payment technology solutions such as PagoMisCuentas, to enable merchants to make digital bill payments on the Red101 platform. This partnership will allow merchants on RedCloud’s Intelligent Open Commerce Platform, Red101 to access PagoMisCuentas, the largest service and […]

RedCloud expands its open commerce platform to empower distributors in Argentina.

Global technology firm, RedCloud partnered with three FMCG distributors in the Santa Fe province of Argentina to drive business growth with Red101 Market, the world’s first Open Commerce platform. RedCloud has announced a partnership with Calfra, Florida, and Irlanda, three large FMCG distributors in the Santa Fe province of Argentina. These distributors are large players in […]