AI powered technology that removes barriers to fair & profitable trade in emerging markets

Through our unrivalled Intelligent Open Commerce Platform, we’re helping businesses make better decisions and access a world of opportunity.

With our Intelligent Open Commerce Platform™:

  • We connect FMCG Brands, Distributors and Local Merchants in a single, equitable marketplace;
  • We empower them with real world AI powered insights and data to help them make better decisions;
  • We support businesses & local communities with on-the-ground teams in emerging markets.

Our Intelligent Open Commerce Platform comprises an AI-powered insights tool – RedInsights, that draws from over 50,000 data points in real-time to provide brands with a detailed, live view of the fragmented local markets they operate in. More importantly, we go beyond raw data to provide actionable insights that brands can leverage in real-time to make better decisions and access more opportunities in the market. Our smart data insights tool will use AI to analyze the captured data, pinpoint market shifts, detect new regions of potential, and provide actionable insights that the brands can instantly apply with a few clicks to sell more and reach more customers. 

Take advantage of RedCloud’s Intelligent Open Commerce Platform to unlock more opportunities and drive growth across emerging markets. Register your interest here