Helping Distributors access more
buyers and streamline operations

We open the door to a network of 100,000+ engaged buyers

Red101® provides regional distributors with unrestricted access to a digital network of over 100,000 buyers of their products, enabling direct sales to these already highly engaged retailers.

  • Red101® allows Distributors to grow their business on average by 38%
  • Red101’s® extensive merchant network is spread across some of the fastest-growing local markets across emerging economies.
  • Sellers have a unique opportunity to tap into existing demand across new locations and expand customer reach.


We connect sellers and their customers with a comprehensive digital payment network

RedPay™ has transformed the payment process for sellers in emerging markets by eliminating operational bottlenecks and creating a simpler, quicker sales cycle.

  • Sellers can avoid cash transactions and the risks it poses to their businesses.
  • RedPay™ enables automatic payment reconciliation and instant funds clearance into their RedPay™ E-Wallet for sellers, preventing valuable capital from being tied up.


We provide effective promotion opportunities to further drive sales

RedAds™ helps sellers drive sales growth with targeted promotions that can reach a specifically segmented and highly engaged audience.

  • Sellers can leverage data from over 50,000 live data points to ensure that the right customers see their promotions.
  • RedAds™ allows sellers to create high-converting traffic campaigns that attract attention from the right audience and help accelerate sales growth.
  • Through Red Insights™, we help Distributors to understand the market in granular detail and drive growth