Red101® launches in the USA

LONDON, 10, October 2023 – UK-headquartered Global Technology firm RedCloud Technology has announced the launch of Red101®, in the United States. The platform is designed to revolutionize commerce for millions of distributors and other small businesses across the country.

The launch of Red101® in the USA will help modernize and streamline the supply chain for FMCG brands and distributors while reducing the dominance of e-commerce giants in the sector. Open Commerce will provide increased choice, unprecedented convenience and competitive pricing, and will bring heightened efficiency and increased profitability for countless American businesses. 

“The U.S. has always been a land of opportunity, where anyone, even the underdog, can thrive and succeed. This is in line with RedCloud’s core philosophy to democratize commerce, ensuring that every player, big or small, gets a fair chance,” shared Justin Floyd, the CEO of RedCloud. He continued, “With Red101®, we are introducing a transformative tool to the U.S market to make commerce more transparent and accessible. We are also harnessing the power of AI to transcend the traditional challenges in commerce and ensure smoother interactions between sellers and buyers, irrespective of location or language.”

RedCloud’s AI-powered Open Commerce Platform, drawing from its vast international success in emerging markets, is uniquely positioned to reshape the FMCG sector in the U.S, empowering smaller brands and distributors to make informed decisions, connect directly with merchants, and uncover new opportunities.

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About RedCloud

RedCloud is a global technology company headquartered in London that is leveraging AI-powered technology to make global trade simpler.
RedCloud’s Intelligent Open Commerce Platform connects FMCG Brands, Distributors, and Local Merchants on a single, equitable marketplace, empowering them with real-world insights and data to help them make better decisions.

RedCloud enables FMCG Brands to seize new opportunities in emerging markets, facilitates access to more buyers & streamlines operations for Distributors, and helps Local Merchants spend more time selling products, not searching for them. The company comprises a highly diverse, dynamic team of driven talented people from over twenty different countries, speaking multiple languages, with a physical footprint in Africa, Europe, and Latin America.