Justin Floyd, CEO of RedCloud Technologies, to Present the World’s First Intelligent Open Commerce Platform at the Emerging Growth Conference on 7th September 2023

London, 4th September 2023 – RedCloud Technologies is pleased to announce that it has been invited to present at the Emerging Growth Conference on 7th September 2023. The next Emerging Growth Conference is presenting on 7th September 2023. This live, interactive online event will give existing shareholders and the investment community the opportunity to interact […]

Why AI is nothing to fear

Written by Juandre De Jong, SVP Product, RedCloud Artificial Intelligence (AI), especially generative AI tools, have generated a lot of controversy in recent times. With applications that can seemingly do everything, from writing code to making art and more, there are many who believe that AI will become sentient and take over the world like […]

RedCloud Announces Partnership with PayWay offer bill payments to merchants on the world’s first Intelligent Open Commerce Platform

Buenos Aires, August 2023. UK-headquartered Global technology firm RedCloud Technologies announced a strategic partnership with Newpay, which offers payment technology solutions such as PagoMisCuentas, to enable merchants to make digital bill payments on the Red101 platform. This partnership will allow merchants on RedCloud’s Intelligent Open Commerce Platform, Red101 to access PagoMisCuentas, the largest service and […]

Open Commerce can unlock opportunities for American FMCG brands in Africa/LATAM

Emerging markets represent the largest growth opportunity for the FMCG industry, as they currently represent over half of global FMCG spend and have been primarily responsible for all the value growth in the industry over the last five years.  The appeal of American FMCG brands in these markets is undeniable, as some of the most […]

The American FMCG sector needs AI-powered Open Commerce

Small retailers in the FMCG sector have long had a place in the heart of the American FMCG industry. With about 7.9 million mom-and-pop retail stores open all over the US, we’re all familiar with the image of the local ‘General Store’ in downtown Chicago or the bodega in Queens, New York. However, while retail […]