Further understand the market and uncover new opportunities

Transform the way your current distributors do business

With Red101®, we digitise the entire buying and selling processes of your distributors and their customers, including those who are part of the informal economy.

Gain insights and intelligence from across the supply chain

With RedInsights™, we provide you with AI powered analysis and insights from the supply chain, collected from 50,000+ data points.

Use promotions and run ad campaigns to nudge the market

With RedAds™, we arm you with a set of tools to run highly targeted campaigns to accelerate your brands sales.

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Reach over 100,000+ active buyers across the Nigerian Market

Red101® connects you to hundreds of thousands of local merchants across over 17 states in the most efficient way possible. Our advanced segmentation tools allow you to segment these audiences in relevant ways and reach out to any customer segment

Digitise order and payment processes with easy-to-use tools.

Red101®  provides brands with easy-to-use tools that simplify the order and payment process. We’re utilizing machine learning and automation to eliminate inefficient, manual processes. Our platform also offers you the broadest possible choices on fulfillment, including multiple payment methods and delivery options.

Uncover new opportunities across the market with real-time, actionable insights

Red101® captures live information across the entire Nigerian market from over 50,000 live data points through RedInsights™, our AI-powered data analytics tool. We are able to provide you with actionable insights, predictive models, and automated actions and campaigns.